These books by Maranatha Publications are available to order.

Booklets (70-100 pages) by R. E. "Dusty" Rhoades

Title Price
Handbook on Christian Doctrine$1.50
How to Study the Bible$1.50
Thought Provoking Comments on Revival$1.50
Identification of the Believer in the Gospel of the Grace of God$1.50
Justified and Sanctified$2.00
Paul and the Kingdom of God $1.50
The Body of Christ$2.00
Privileges and Responsibilities of the Body of Christ$2.00
Comparison of Job and Paul$2.00
Studies in the Book of Ruth$1.50
Studies in the Book of Jonah$1.50

Commentaries by R. E. "Dusty" Rhoades

Title Price
Genesis (chapters 1-25)$5.00
Romans and Galatians$6.00
Philippians and Colossians$5.50
Studies in Progressive Revelation$3.50
Studies in Progressive Christian Living$3.50
Conference Messages Volume 1$7.50

Books available by other authors

Title Author Price
Absolute PredestinationJerome Zanchius$3.00
Translators RevivedAlexander McClure$3.50
Life of John WycliffW.L. Watkinson$3.00
The KJV God's Infallible WordDale Koller and Ken Brandt$3.50