Digital Audio - 2009

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June 2009 - Summer Conference - Lansing, MI

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay The Eternal WordText Available50:5446.5 MBDownload
2David DoylePlay Consideration of WorshipText Available44:5441.1 MBDownload
3David DoylePlay The Final ThingsText Available35:4532.7 MBDownload
4Dane KollerPlay 7 Sayings of Christ applied to the ChurchText Available53:3948.7 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay God's Attribute of TruthText Available48:2444.1 MBDownload
6Dale KollerPlay God's Attribute of MercyText Available50:4345.9 MBDownload
7Dale KollerPlay Imputation Part 1Text Available45:1041.2 MBDownload
8David DoylePlay The Confident Christian Part 1Text Available42:2638.7 MBDownload
9Ken BrandtPlay Spiritual Warfare and the god of this WorldText Available55:3050.6 MBDownload
10Dale KollerPlay Imputation Part 2Text Available38:5835.5 MBDownload

May 2009 - Spring Mini-Conference - Jonesville, MI

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay Study of the SerpentText Available51:5547.2 MBDownload
2Mike GuseyPlay A Life of Faith47:5343.3 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay Last Will and TestamentText Available49:2445.0 MBDownload
4Ken BrandtPlay The Works of the Lord, Part 1Text Available45:1340.9 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay The Works of the Lord, Part 2Text Available54:3649.9 MBDownload
6Ken BrandtPlay Beholding His GloryText Available50:3445.9 MBDownload

March 2009 - North Carolina

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay Attribute of OmnipresenceText Available53:0948.6 MBDownload
2Ken BrandtPlay Truth After GodlinessText Available50:3046.2 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay Study on Sin Pt. 1Text Available46:3842.6 MBDownload
4Ken BrandtPlay Study on Sin Pt. 2Text Available46:1842.3 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay Glorying in the CrossText Available56:0351.3 MBDownload
6Ken BrandtPlay Paul's DefenceText Available44:2440.6 MBDownload
7Ken BrandtPlay Study on the Word Perfect Pt. 1Text Available44:3940.8 MBDownload
8Ken BrandtPlay Study on the Word Perfect Pt. 2Text Available47:1543.2 MBDownload

2009 - Winter Conference - Panama City, FL

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay God's Attribute of EternalityText Available49:4245.5 MBDownload
2David DoylePlay The Believer's Standing Before GodText Available38:5135.5 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay God's Attribute of ImmutabilityText Available54:0049.4 MBDownload
4Dale KollerPlay Renewed in KnowledgeText Available46:1142.2 MBDownload
5David DoylePlay The Christian's CharacterText Available34:0131.1 MBDownload
6Ken BrandtPlay God's Attribute of OmnipotenceText Available49:4645.5 MBDownload
7David DoylePlay A Practical Look at Progressive RevelationText Available34:1031.1 MBDownload
8Dale KollerPlay Two Great MysteriesText Available34:1431.3 MBDownload
9David DoylePlay Discovering Identification within the Revelation of PaulText Available28:4726.3 MBDownload
10Ken BrandtPlay God's Attribute of OmniscienceText Available30:3448.7 MBDownload

2009 - Fall Conference

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay Paul's Conversion - Pt. 154:3650.0 MBDownload
2Ken BrandtPlay Paul's Conversion - Pt. 249:2445.2 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay God's Three Calls53:1648.7 MBDownload
4Ken BrandtPlay Calling and Election54:0849.5 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay Trust in the Lord45:1041.3 MBDownload
6Ken BrandtPlay Afflictions-Sufferings-Tribulation-Persecution52:5748.4 MBDownload

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