Digital Audio - 2016

This page contains MP3 audio messages for download.

2016 - Summer Conference

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay Comparison of Romans 1:1-5 and Romans 16:25,2653:0548.6 MBDownload
2David DoylePlay The Liberated Believer42:3238.9 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay Trials and Testing48:4944.7 MBDownload
4David DoylePlay The Resurrected Believer37:2234.2 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay The Call of God to the Reading of the Will54:5450.2 MBDownload
6David DoylePlay The Powerful Believer43:2739.7 MBDownload
7Ken BrandtPlay Claiming the Spoils51:2847.1 MBDownload
8David DoylePlay Precious Promises of Faith39:0035.7 MBDownload
9Ken BrandtPlay Behold your God48:0444.0 MBDownload
10David DoylePlay Lessons from Apollos, a Companion of Paul43:4140.0 MBDownload

2016 - March Mini Conference (North Carolina)

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay 1 Corinthians 5-6:1156:1651.5 MBDownload
2David DoylePlay Enemies of the New Man41:0037.5 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay 1 Corinthians 6:12-8:13; 10:18-2351:5847.5 MBDownload
4David DoylePlay The Keys to Life in the Believer36:4333.6 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay 1 Corinthians 9-10:1756:3951.8 MBDownload
6David DoylePlay The Believer's True Bounty33:2230.5 MBDownload
7Ken BrandtPlay 1 Corinthians 1153:0448.5 MBDownload
8David DoylePlay Things in Heaven; Things in Earth42:4439.1 MBDownload

2016 - Winter Conference

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1David DoylePlay The Cost of Following Faith39:2036.0 MBDownload
2Dale KollerPlay Grace, Part 147:4843.7 MBDownload
3Ken BrandtPlay Stand Fast/Hold Fast54:1049.6 MBDownload
4David DoylePlay The Rewards of Faith34:5431.9 MBDownload
5Ken BrandtPlay Followers of Paul44:0740.3 MBDownload
6Dale KollerPlay Grace, Part 256:0751.3 MBDownload
7David DoylePlay Prayers of the New Man36:0533.0 MBDownload
8Ken BrandtPlay Enemies Made His Footstool41:2637.9 MBDownload
9David DoylePlay The Two Natures in the Believer36:0633.0 MBDownload
10Dale KollerPlay Grace, Part 353:3249.0 MBDownload

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