Digital Audio - 2018

This page contains MP3 audio messages for download.

2018 - Summer Conference

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay Greater than the Temple, Jonah, and Solomon44:1527.7 MBDownload
2David DoylePlay The Believer and the Word53:5935.1 MBDownload
3Dale KollerPlay God the Father44:3431.6 MBDownload
4Ken BrandtPlay Joseph's Coffin and the Empty Tomb47:5530.6 MBDownload
5David DoylePlay A Man Transformed53:0037.5 MBDownload
6Ken BrandtPlay Signs of the Times46:5029.6 MBDownload
7Dale KollerPlay God the Son45:2032.6 MBDownload
8David DoylePlay Walking Worthy and Pleasing unto God46:0929.8 MBDownload
9David DoylePlay An Example of Faith and Obedience41:1526.9 MBDownload
10Dale KollerPlay God the Spirit45:5132.6 MBDownload

2018 - Winter Conference

Track # Speaker Title Text Link Length Size
1Ken BrandtPlay What is Truth? Pt. 150:2046.1 MBDownload
2David DoylePlay Principles of Faith55:0150.3 MBDownload
3Dale KollerPlay The Shepherd, Psalm 2341:1837.8 MBDownload
4Ken BrandtPlay What is Truth? Pt. 242:3639.0 MBDownload
5David DoylePlay The Believer's Inheritance1:19:56109 MBDownload
6Ken BrandtPlay The Greatness of God51:3647.2 MBDownload
7Dale KollerPlay The Mystery, Ephesians 342:5939.3 MBDownload
8David DoylePlay Living Water1:05:1589.6 MBDownload
9David DoylePlay The Reconciled Believer31:1128.5 MBDownload
10Dale KollerPlay The Saviour, Isaiah 5340:1536.8 MBDownload

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