Progressive Revelation

There are certainly things of the Old Testament that are explained only in the New Testament. This is a simple example of progressive revelation. But there is a deeper meaning to the term “progressive revelation”.

Having read the Bible well over 100 times, R. E. Rhoades realized that the Bible is a book of progressive revelations:

What was revealed to one group or person at any time did not necessarily apply to another group or person at another time.

(See Studies in Progressive Revelation by R. E Rhoades in the Resource section)

The principle of Progressive Revelation as we learned from Mr. Rhoades and by rightly dividing the word of truth is:

Within the confines of His written word, God gradually unveils:

God progressively reveals truth about Himself and His will throughout the Bible.
God progressively changes the people He deals with throughout the Bible.
God progressively changes the way He deals with people throughout the Bible.

These things cannot be taken out of their order of progression.

The writings of the apostle Paul reflect this progressive revelation. His first seven epistles were to Judeo-Christian churches during the Acts period where the Jew was first, then the Gentile. Paul’s last seven epistles were written after the Acts period to the church which is His Body, where there is neither Greek nor Jew. Now all mankind are considered equal. The church is now God’s elect Body out of all races with Christ as its Head.

This progression of revelations has separated the church of this age from the things that pertained to Israel. After the fulfillment of this Body, God will again deal with Israel.

Christendom tries to interpret the entire Bible as pertaining to the church. In order to do that, they must somehow connect the church to Israel and their coming kingdom and their covenants and their ordinances. What a mess of God’s truth this has made.

Speaking of the church, Mr. Rhoades said that all of the Bible is for us, but not all of the bible is to us.