This page contains special studies and suggested reading materials.

The Origin of the Scriptures: What constitutes the Word of God? by Dale Koller

God's Word: Notes on the King James Bible or the Authorized Version of 1611 by Ken Brandt

The Epistle Dedicatory

The following materials are available to order as special studies.

Studies by Ken Brandt

Title Author Audio Price Text Price Available Online
Joseph Type of ChristKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Exodus 12-14, Passover and the Red SeaKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Exodus 15-17, Song of MosesKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Study of the Tabernacle (17)Ken Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Spiritual ConversionKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Preparation for StudyKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Paul's FoundationKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Paul's Prayers for the SaintsKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Exceeding Riches of His GraceKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
The Son of ManKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
The Riches of His GloryKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
The Worthy WalkKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Forgive One AnotherKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Present TruthKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Spiritual Growth (5)Ken Brandt$1.00FreeNo
The Fig Tree [MP3]Ken Brandt$1.00FreeAudio Only
The Olive Tree [MP3]Ken Brandt$1.00FreeAudio Only
The Vine [MP3]Ken Brandt$1.00FreeAudio Only
Names of God (8)Ken Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Study in Titus (3)Ken Brandt$1.00FreeNo
One New ManKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Matthew 24:12 (2)Ken Brandt$1.00FreeNo
The Kingdoms in ScriptureKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
The Word (2)Ken Brandt$1.00FreeNo
StandfastKen Brandt$1.00FreeNo
Holding the Mystery of the Faith [MP3]Ken Brandt$1.00FreeAudio Only
Call Unto Me [MP3]Ken Brandt$1.00FreeAudio Only
Perfect Peace [MP3]Ken Brandt$1.00FreeYes

Studies by Dale Koller

Title Author Audio Price Text Price Available Online
Know What You Believe, BaptismDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, Lord's Supper (2)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, JustificationDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, SanctificationDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, Faith (2)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, The Word of God (KJV)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, Paul's MinistryDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Know What You Believe, God's SovereigntyDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Prayer (9)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Giving Thanks (2)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Love Christ -- I Corinthians 16:22Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Spiritual Blessings (9)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Romans Eight (9)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Doctrines of Grace (10)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Signs of Perilous TimesDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Meditation (8)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Paul's Great Revelation (8)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Commandments to the Body of Christ (10)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Study of the Cults (9)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Paul's Revelation (12)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Ephesians Series (23)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Philippians Series (12)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Colossians Series (12)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Hebrews Series (45)Dale Koller$1.00FreeNo
The GospelDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Loving His AppearingDale Koller$1.00FreeNo
Living the Christian LifeDale Koller$1.00FreeNo

Studies by David Doyle

Title Author Audio Price Text Price Available Online
New Creature - New man (3)David Doyle$1.00FreeNo
Position-Experience (4) [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Tools for Rightly Dividing the Word (3)David Doyle$1.00FreeNo
The Living GodDavid Doyle$1.00FreeNo
PrayerDavid Doyle$1.00FreeNo
Three Kinds of FaithDavid Doyle$1.00FreeNo
The Role of the Holy Spirit in RevelationDavid Doyle$1.00FreeNo
The Believer and the Spirit of God (2)David Doyle$1.00FreeNo
Mercy Lost - Mercy Forsaken [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Paul's Authority [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Paul's Warnings [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Christ's Two Ministries [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Rightly Dividing the Psalms [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Knowledge and Understanding Applied (2)David Doyle$1.00FreeNo
The Christian in Conflict [MP3]David Doyle$1.00FreeAudio Only
Progressive Revelation in Acts 20 -- Ephesians 3 (2)David Doyle$1.00FreeNo
Christian IdentityDavid Doyle$1.00FreeNo