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Messages from January 2010

Title Author Date Format Audio Link Size
Attributes Of Christ's SufferingsDane KollerJanuary 2010PDFAudio Available178 KBDownload

Messages from June 2009

Title Author Date Format Audio Link Size
The Eternal WordKen BrandtJune 2009PDFAudio Available42.3 KBDownload
Consideration of WorshipDavid DoyleJune 2009PDFAudio Available50.8 KBDownload
The Final ThingsDavid DoyleJune 2009PDFAudio Available48.0 KBDownload
7 Sayings of Christ applied to the ChurchDane KollerJune 2009PDFAudio Available76.8 KBDownload
God's Attribute of TruthKen BrandtJune 2009PDFAudio Available21.3 KBDownload
God's Attribute of MercyDale KollerJune 2009PDFAudio Available53.8 KBDownload
Imputation Part 1 & 2Dale KollerJune 2009PDFAudio Available55.1 KBDownload
The Confident Christian Part 1David DoyleJune 2009PDFAudio Available50.2 KBDownload
Spiritual Warfare and the god of this WorldKen BrandtJune 2009PDFAudio Available29.7 KBDownload
The Confident Christian Part 2David DoyleJune 2009PDF52.4 KBDownload
Kingdom Truth-Present TruthDale KollerJune 2009PDF52.2 KBDownload

Messages from May 2009

Title Author Date Format Audio Link Size
Study of the SerpentKen BrandtMay 2009PDFAudio Available20.2 KBDownload
Last Will and TestamentKen BrandtMay 2009PDFAudio Available24.3 KBDownload
The Works of the LordKen BrandtMay 2009PDFAudio Available31.9 KBDownload
Beholding His GloryKen BrandtMay 2009PDFAudio Available26.6 KBDownload

Messages from March 2009

Title Author Date Format Audio Link Size
Attribute of OmnipresenceKen BrandtMar 2009PDFAudio Available73.4 KBDownload
Truth After GodlinessKen BrandtMar 2009PDFAudio Available56.0 KBDownload
Study on SinKen BrandtMar 2009PDFAudio Available81.4 KBDownload
Glorying in the CrossKen BrandtMar 2009PDFAudio Available70.8 KBDownload
Paul's DefenceKen BrandtMar 2009PDFAudio Available58.9 KBDownload
Study on the Word PerfectKen BrandtMar 2009PDFAudio Available72.5 KBDownload

Messages from Winter 2009

Title Author Date Format Audio Link Size
Renewed in KnowledgeDale KollerJan 2009PDFAudio Available133 KBDownload
Two Great MysteriesDale KollerJan 2009PDFAudio Available113 KBDownload
Attribute of EternalityKen BrandtJan 2009PDFAudio Available72.1 KBDownload
Attribute of OmnipotenceKen BrandtJan 2009PDFAudio Available79.2 KBDownload
Attribute of ImmutabilityKen BrandtJan 2009PDFAudio Available76.7 KBDownload
Attribute of OmniscienceKen BrandtJan 2009PDFAudio Available66.4 KBDownload
The Believer's Standing Before GodDavid DoyleJan 2009PDFAudio Available107 KBDownload
The Christian's CharacterDavid DoyleJan 2009PDFAudio Available93.6 KBDownload
A Practical Look at Progressive RevelationDavid DoyleJan 2009PDFAudio Available97.8 KBDownload
Discovering Identification within the Revelation of PaulDavid DoyleJan 2009PDFAudio Available84.9 KBDownload

Messages from Ken Brandt

Title Author Date Format Audio Link Size
Comparison of John 1:1-5 and 1 John 1:1-5Ken BrandtMay 2008PDFAudio Available74 KBDownload
The Blessed Man of Psalm OneKen BrandtMay 2008PDFAudio Available100 KBDownload
The Image of GodKen BrandtMay 2008PDFAudio Available80 KBDownload
The Last DaysKen BrandtMay 2008PDFAudio Available74 KBDownload
All God's works are done in truthKen BrandtPDF64 KBDownload
Being Occupied with ChristKen BrandtPDF54 KBDownload
Greater than Jonah, Solomon, TempleKen BrandtPDF92 KBDownload
Having Spirit Controlled MindKen BrandtPDF57 KBDownload
Lovest thou meKen BrandtPDF61 KBDownload
Perfect PeaceKen BrandtPDF72 KBDownload
Sweetness of smitten rockKen BrandtPDF69 KBDownload
Three Tenses of SalvationKen BrandtPDF61 KBDownload
Truth, eternal, past, presentKen BrandtPDF81 KBDownload
Trying the spiritsKen BrandtPDF84 KBDownload
Works of FaithKen BrandtPDF65 KBDownload

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