Audio Tapes

The following messages were preached by evangelist R. E. "Dusty" Rhoades in meetings around the country.

All tapes are available to order for $1.00 each. A series of tapes, such as #416-425 on Job, costs $10 total, or $1 per tape.

Note: Tapes labeled with the prefix "HR" were originally edited for radio broadcasts and contain introductions and music.

ID Title Price
HR-1The law of Divine retribution$1.00
HR-2The kind of man who walks with God$1.00
HR-4Peter in prison: A type of a sinner being saved$1.00
HR-5Seven kinds of fools in the Bible$1.00
HR-6Be sure your sin will find you out$1.00
HR-7Limiting a sovereign God$1.00
HR-8 DownloadThessalonians: The church in revival$1.00
HR-9Four Ingredients of worship$1.00
HR-10Abraham and Isaac: An act of worship$1.00
HR-11 DownloadIs God a stranger in our land?$1.00
HR-60Is the church a stranger to God?$1.00
HR-12 DownloadSeven downward steps in spiritual declension$1.00
HR-14Is disobedience hindering revival?$1.00
HR-15Loving the wrong things$1.00
HR-16Reading the Will of God$1.00
HR-17"Be ye holy"$1.00
HR-18 DownloadGlorious things of thee are spoken: A message to the church$1.00
HR-19Remember what you were; be what you are$1.00
HR-20Are we more than conquerors?$1.00
HR-21He that is not with me$1.00
HR-22Hindrances to revival$1.00
HR-23 Download"Daily," the key word in Acts$1.00
HR-24Carnality vs. spirituality: An examination of the "Carnal Christian"$1.00
HR-25A Download
HR-25B Download
Counterfeit conversion$1.00
HR-26Dying the death of the righteous$1.00
HR-27 DownloadHoliness is...$1.00
HR-28 DownloadElijah and Elisha:A study in Christ and the Christian in type$1.00
HR-29Enemies we encounter as soldiers$1.00
HR-30The wiles of the Devil$1.00
HR-31Trembling under the mighty Hand of God$1.00
HR-32 DownloadThe temple of God$1.00
HR-33 DownloadGod's faithfulness in Jeremiah 7$1.00
HR-34Laodicean lukewarmness$1.00
HR-35God's pattern for the believer in the life of the Apostle Paul$1.00
HR-36 DownloadDavid and Goliath: A study of the Christian and Satan$1.00
HR-37 DownloadTheir power is gone!$1.00
HR-38 DownloadDesperate need of revival$1.00
HR-39Mine own vineyard have I not kept$1.00
HR-40 DownloadYe cannot serve the Lord!$1.00
HR-41 DownloadFour alarm fire in a lunatic asylum$1.00
HR-42Make your calling and election sure$1.00
HR-43 DownloadWeighed and found wanting$1.00
HR-44 DownloadPerson who lives in the flesh$1.00
HR-45 DownloadThe Lord's hand is not shortened$1.00
HR-46 DownloadHoly places, things, times, and people$1.00
HR-47 DownloadSeven steps in a fulness of salvation$1.00
HR-48 DownloadGod's family in John 8$1.00
HR-49Christianity: Fact or fable?$1.00
HR-50 DownloadHumility (*see HR-52*)$1.00
HR-51Holiness defined$1.00
HR-52Contrition (*see HR-50*)$1.00
HR-53 DownloadThe way!$1.00
HR-54 DownloadPseudo gospel$1.00
HR-55 DownloadHindrances to worship$1.00
HR-56Jude, the acts of the apostates$1.00
HR-57Sanctification defined: A doctrine to be held, enjoyed, and realized$1.00
HR-58Strange children$1.00
HR-59Sin unto death$1.00
HR-61 DownloadScriptural giving in II Corinthians 8-9$1.00
HR-62Hiding from God, Genesis 3$1.00
HR-63 DownloadAlmost a Christian, Acts 26$1.00
HR-64The great question, I Corinthians 3:17$1.00
HR-65Knowing the Lord's terror$1.00
HR-66Presumptuous sins, Psalm 19$1.00
HR-67-HR-78Series on the book of Romans$1.00 each
HR-79Overthrown Christians$1.00
HR-80 DownloadWhy men die$1.00
HR-81Contentment: What is it?$1.00
HR-82As He is, so are we$1.00
HR-83The offense of the Cross$1.00
HR-84Eating with pigs$1.00
HR-85The church, Christ's Body$1.00
HR-87The Word became flesh$1.00
HR-88 DownloadSeven reasons to look for the Second Coming$1.00
HR-89 DownloadThe four greatest themes in the Bible$1.00
HR-90Who shall dwell in the House of the Lord?$1.00
HR-91God's great provision$1.00
HR-92 DownloadHungering and thirsting$1.00
HR-93The birth of Christ$1.00
HR-94Beggars, princes and dunghills$1.00
HR-95 DownloadGreeks in the temple$1.00
HR-96Biography of Moses, "a prophet like unto thee" fulfilled in Christ$1.00
HR-97Biography of Paul, the type of every child of God$1.00
HR-98Mary and Martha$1.00
HR-99The days of Lot and Abraham$1.00
100Why pray?$1.00
101 DownloadSeven witnesses in the Gospel of John$1.00
102"Let:" A word of command$1.00
103What is first?$1.00
104Christianity's greatest enemy$1.00
105The flesh, antithesis of the Spirit$1.00
106Samson: The effect of sin on life$1.00
107 DownloadThe seven temples in the Bible$1.00
108 Download"Lord, to whom shall we go?"$1.00
109 DownloadNo buckets and the well is deep$1.00
110The love of God$1.00
111The nature of the two covenants$1.00
112Doubt, a hindrance of revival$1.00
113When we know we need revival$1.00
114What revival is$1.00
115The just shall live by faith$1.00
116Satan's gospel$1.00
117Our inheritance inherited$1.00
118God cannot lie$1.00
119The new birth?$1.00
120What is our life?$1.00
121The apostle's doctrine$1.00
122Seven sins in the way of revival$1.00
123We beheld His glory$1.00
124When God's patience comes to an end$1.00
125Building a house for God to live in$1.00
126 DownloadThe Word of God: A defense of the King James version$1.00
127Revivals and the men God uses$1.00
128 DownloadThe Ten Commandments in the New Testament$1.00
129Blessedness of Christian memory$1.00
130Abel, God's first and last$1.00
131Biography of Peter$1.00
132Identification: The source of power with God$1.00
133Having a form of godliness$1.00
134Christ's hatred of sham$1.00
135The need of the hour$1.00
136Pleasing God$1.00
137Getting our house in order$1.00
138The sin of a divided heart$1.00
Series on the book of Job$1.00 each
181Repentance in Job (*part 5 of Job series*)$1.00
143Eternal security and perseverance of the saints compared$1.00
144 DownloadWhat it means to believe$1.00
145The joy of the Lord our strength$1.00
146The Hand of God$1.00
147Causes of failure in the life of a Christian$1.00
148The Cross of Christ in the life of the Apostle Paul$1.00
149"Together," a word of encouragement to believers$1.00
150Jonah, a type of Christ and the believer$1.00
151 DownloadGod's test pattern in 1 John$1.00
152Paul's conversion$1.00
153The KJV, God's Word$1.00
154The ground of worship$1.00
155Worship defined$1.00
156The Christian's greatest desire$1.00
157"Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount"$1.00
158The Last Day in the Book of John$1.00
159Take up thy cross$1.00
160The benefit of seeking God early$1.00
161What is a Christian?$1.00
162Tongues: A sign for today?$1.00
163 DownloadHalting between two opinions: The sin of procrastination$1.00
164A plea for unity, Hosea 14$1.00
165 DownloadThe three dispensations$1.00
166Today's counterfeit gospel$1.00
167Spiritual conversion$1.00
168P-R-A-Y-E-R: An acrostic message on prayer$1.00
169Having fellowship with God$1.00
170Gathering manna$1.00
171Robbing God: Do Christians steal?$1.00
172Before Abraham Was, I Am: A study on the Triune Godhead, part 1$1.00
173Before Abraham Was, I Am: A study on the Triune Godhead, part 2$1.00
174Is the Jehovah of the Old Testament the Jesus of the New Testament?$1.00

Divine revelation series:
175 DownloadNecessity for Divine Revelation$1.00
176Methods and Means of Divine Revelation.$1.00
177The people of Divine Revelation$1.00
178The proof of having Divine Revelation$1.00
179What keeps us from dedication?$1.00

180Perfecting holiness in the fear of God$1.00
181 Download$1.00
182Godly sorrow and the sorrow of the world in contrast$1.00
183Evidence of an unconverted mind$1.00
184The glory of the church$1.00
185Learning, living and looking: The sum of Christian doctrine in Titus 2:11-15$1.00
186In safeguard: On security of the believer$1.00
187The two roads we travel$1.00
188 DownloadThe sin of covetousness, part 1$1.00
189Three crucifixions in the life of the believer$1.00
190Responsibility and obedience$1.00
191 DownloadThe Last Day in John$1.00
192 DownloadExceptions$1.00
193 DownloadThe successful ministry$1.00
194 DownloadStand fast$1.00
195Hold fast$1.00
196 DownloadComing short of glory$1.00
197 DownloadThe works of a Christian$1.00
198 DownloadSin and its effects$1.00
199 DownloadChrist, our foundation$1.00
200 DownloadCities of refuge$1.00
201 DownloadWitness from the dead$1.00
202 DownloadMadness in our hearts$1.00
203 DownloadSecret things, revealed things$1.00
204 DownloadThe sin of covetousness, part 2$1.00
205 DownloadHis commands are not grievous$1.00
206 DownloadGlorying in the wrong things$1.00
207 DownloadRevival praying$1.00
208 DownloadSin of unbelief$1.00
209The church's relation to pastors$1.00
210 DownloadFlesh vs. the Spirit$1.00

Hezekiah series:
211 DownloadHezekiah: The man$1.00
212 DownloadHezekiah: His trials$1.00
213 DownloadHezekiah: His recovery$1.00
214 DownloadHezekiah: His ingratitude$1.00

215 DownloadHarden not your hearts$1.00
216 DownloadSatan's domain and place$1.00
217 DownloadUnity of the Spirit$1.00
218 DownloadKeeping the heart$1.00
219 DownloadPreaching God's Word$1.00
220 DownloadCall unto me$1.00
221 DownloadHiding God's Word$1.00
222 DownloadAdoption$1.00
223 DownloadExposition of Colossians 1:9-23$1.00
224 DownloadInstability and dying words$1.00
225 DownloadDiagnosing spiritual sickness$1.00
226Two great failures of preaching$1.00
227 DownloadSee Jesus$1.00
228 DownloadCarnal or spiritual?$1.00
229 DownloadWoe to them at ease in Zion$1.00
230 DownloadLessons learned in Luke 16$1.00
231 DownloadKnowing Christ, part 1$1.00
232 DownloadKnowing Christ, part 2$1.00
233 DownloadChildren of light and darkness$1.00
234 DownloadIt is time$1.00
235 DownloadBiblical doctrine of repentance$1.00
236 DownloadHeart of stone$1.00
237 DownloadEnd of self, God's beginning$1.00
238 DownloadProgressive revelation$1.00
239 DownloadExodus 32$1.00
240 DownloadRules of conduct in the Christian life$1.00
241 DownloadFour commands leading to much fruit-bearing$1.00
242 DownloadMessage to pastors$1.00
243Heart belief$1.00
244 DownloadGimmicks$1.00
245 DownloadQuicken me$1.00
246 DownloadStanding in the last days$1.00
247 DownloadApostasy in Jude$1.00
248 DownloadThe greatness of God, Psalm 145$1.00
249 DownloadAnti-Christ system$1.00
250 DownloadHeart righteousness$1.00
251 DownloadRevival in Nehemiah 8$1.00
252 DownloadChrist in you, experiential$1.00
253 DownloadIndwelling life of Christ$1.00
254 DownloadHeart trouble$1.00
255 DownloadIntercession, Luke 18$1.00
256 DownloadWhat is worship?$1.00
257 DownloadSowing and reaping, God's law$1.00
258 DownloadFaith belief, Romans 10$1.00
259 DownloadThe living temple of God$1.00
260 DownloadFour ingredients in worship$1.00
261 DownloadAs He is, so are we$1.00
262 DownloadSpueing out of His mouth$1.00
263 DownloadGod is light, life and love$1.00
264 DownloadMessage on light$1.00
265 DownloadWalk in light$1.00
266 DownloadThe name of Jesus, the Son of God$1.00
267 DownloadThe Christian's Magna Carta$1.00
268 DownloadThe warning of Jude$1.00
269 DownloadPosition and perseverance$1.00
270 DownloadPerseverance, part 1$1.00
271 DownloadPerseverance, part 2$1.00
272 DownloadNew birth$1.00
273-274 DownloadApostasy, part 1 & 2$1.00
275 DownloadChristian and Anti-Christian Creeds$1.00
276 DownloadPerseverance of the Saints$1.00
277 DownloadContinuity and fruitfulness$1.00
278 DownloadPrayer thoughts$1.00
279 DownloadPersevering in Christ$1.00
280The light of the world$1.00
281God is light$1.00
282 DownloadMessage on perseverance$1.00
283 DownloadGenesis 1 and John 1$1.00
284 DownloadBorn again: New creatures$1.00
285Paul's example and leadership$1.00
286 DownloadMessage of love$1.00
287 DownloadPaul's message concerning Christ$1.00
288 DownloadThe Lord's Supper, I Corinthians 9:11$1.00
289 DownloadLies that are preached$1.00
290 DownloadAtonement: What it implies, part 1$1.00
291 DownloadAtonement: What it implies, part 2$1.00
292 DownloadAll your needs$1.00
293 DownloadThe truth$1.00
294 DownloadThings we need to know$1.00
295 DownloadFaith$1.00
296 DownloadComing and appearing$1.00
297 DownloadGlorification$1.00
298 DownloadGod is great$1.00
299 DownloadJudgment$1.00
300Past, present and future, Ephesians 2$1.00
301 DownloadMercy$1.00
302 DownloadMore sure word of prophecy$1.00
303 DownloadPrecious things in God's Word$1.00
304 DownloadSacrifice of worship$1.00
305 DownloadWhat we are not to worship$1.00
306 DownloadFour ingredients of worship$1.00
307 DownloadHindrance to worship, part 1$1.00
308 DownloadHindrance to worship, part 2$1.00
309Who and why we are to worship$1.00
310-1 Download
310-2 Download
Redemption, Titus 3$1.00
311 DownloadII Timothy 2:15, part 1$1.00
312 DownloadII Timothy 2:15, part 2$1.00
313 DownloadIshmael and Isaac, part 1$1.00
314 DownloadIshmael and Isaac, part 2$1.00
315 DownloadThe Second Coming and appearing$1.00
316 DownloadRightly dividing the Word, part 1$1.00
317 DownloadRightly dividing the Word, part 2$1.00
318 DownloadHow we know that we need revival$1.00
319 DownloadIndictment against the lost and a reminder to the elect$1.00
320 DownloadCalling in Romans 8:28$1.00
321 DownloadI and II Thessalonians, part 1$1.00
322 DownloadI and II Thessalonians, part 2$1.00
323 DownloadSanctification$1.00
324 DownloadFellowship$1.00
325 DownloadThe three crosses in Galatians$1.00
326 DownloadThe power of Christ$1.00
327 DownloadLoss of inheritance$1.00
328 DownloadGod's chastening$1.00
329 DownloadIdentification in Romans 6$1.00
330 Download Side ALearning, living and looking$1.00
331 DownloadGod's call and witnessing$1.00
332 DownloadCalled to be saints$1.00
333 DownloadThe faith$1.00
334 Download Side ASin, a disease$1.00
335 DownloadProof of salvation$1.00
336 DownloadComing short of God's glory$1.00
337Faith and depravity$1.00
338 DownloadAgreement and fellowship$1.00
339 DownloadEndeavoring to keep the unity$1.00
340 DownloadQuestions and answers$1.00
341 DownloadFaith is the substance...$1.00
342 DownloadEstablishing priority in prayer$1.00
343 DownloadAssurance of salvation$1.00
344 DownloadI am crucified with Christ$1.00
345Seven wonders of Galatians 2:20$1.00
346 DownloadQuestions and answers on law in the age of grace$1.00
347Free, flesh and life$1.00
348 DownloadGod opening closed eyes$1.00
349Abiding in Christ$1.00
350 DownloadGod opening closed ears$1.00
351 DownloadGod opening the understanding$1.00
352 DownloadThree absolutes$1.00
353 DownloadThe need for total commitment$1.00
354 DownloadThe new covenant of the Book of Christ$1.00
355 DownloadFundamentals of dispensationalism$1.00
356 DownloadThe mind of Christ$1.00
357 DownloadThe fullness of Christ$1.00
358 DownloadHusband and wife relationship$1.00
359 DownloadThe use of time$1.00
360 DownloadWhat I believe and why I believe it$1.00
361 DownloadRelationships in the Body of Christ$1.00
362 DownloadRequirements of a Christian$1.00
363 DownloadWalking with God, Ephesians 4$1.00
364 DownloadThe Seed of Messiah$1.00
365 DownloadDivine election$1.00
366 DownloadFourfold promise in Romans 8:17$1.00
367 DownloadRemembering the gospel$1.00
368 DownloadSowing and reaping$1.00
369 DownloadWorse, good, better, best$1.00
370 DownloadEvil and good, Romans 12 and 13$1.00
371 DownloadStedfastness, I Corinthians 15$1.00
372Divine Characteristics of Paul's preaching$1.00
373Characteristics of mature Christians$1.00
374 DownloadThe spiritual Body of Christ$1.00
375 DownloadTraditions$1.00
376 DownloadThe Body of Christ$1.00
377Is it well with thy soul?$1.00
378I Corinthians 11:1: "According to"$1.00
379 DownloadI Corinthians 11:1: "Followers of'$1.00
380High calling$1.00
381 DownloadMinisters of reconciliation$1.00
382 DownloadProblem texts of Arminianism, part 1$1.00
383 DownloadProblem texts of Arminianism, part 2$1.00
384 DownloadPt 1
Download MP3 - Pt 2Pt 2
The believer's obligation in the salvation of men's souls$1.00
385 DownloadThe gospel of the grace of God$1.00
386 DownloadIntelligence in praying$1.00
387 DownloadPrayer$1.00
388Second thoughts on revival$1.00
389 DownloadA heart that is stayed on the Lord$1.00
390 DownloadThe mind of a Christian$1.00
391Triumphant Christian living$1.00
392A DownloadProsperity: A Christian experience$1.00
393 DownloadIsrael: Typical of the Body of Christ$1.00
394 DownloadGod manifest in the flesh$1.00
395 DownloadPrayer$1.00
396 DownloadTime, Psalm 90$1.00
397 DownloadComplete in Him$1.00
398 DownloadTime, Romans 13:11-14$1.00
399 DownloadTime and the mind of Christ$1.00
400 DownloadThe Body of Christ, part 1$1.00
401 DownloadThe Body of Christ, part 2$1.00
402 DownloadPraying at the end$1.00
403 DownloadThe gospel of Christ$1.00
404 DownloadChrist crucified$1.00
405 DownloadMaranatha! part 1$1.00
432 DownloadMaranatha! part 2$1.00
406A DownloadThe Christian and fear$1.00
406B DownloadSpirit Of Adoption$1.00
407 DownloadSound minds$1.00
408 DownloadOur dwelling place$1.00
409 DownloadFight the good fight of faith$1.00
410 DownloadProgressive revelation$1.00
DownloadPart A
DownloadPart B
DownloadPart C
Difficulty in living the Christian life$1.00
427 DownloadRevelation in the progress of man$1.00
428 DownloadElection: Its purpose and end$1.00
429 DownloadThe coming delusion and persecution$1.00
430 DownloadGod's longsuffering with the sins of America$1.00
431 DownloadHyper-Calvinism and ultra-dispensationalism$1.00
433 DownloadInconsistency$1.00
434 DownloadArmor of God, part 1$1.00
435 DownloadArmor of God, part 2$1.00
436 DownloadIdentifying our adversary$1.00
437 DownloadThe man of sin$1.00
438 DownloadSatan: An angel of light$1.00
439 DownloadThe will of God and the will of man (*see HR 1034*)$1.00
440 DownloadThe sin of unbelief$1.00
441 DownloadThe world, the flesh, and the devil$1.00
443Principles to live by$1.00
444False apostles$1.00
445 DownloadThe enemy$1.00
446Presumption, patience, procrastination$1.00
453 DownloadI Corinthians 2:1-5$1.00
454 DownloadFaith$1.00
455 DownloadElijah$1.00
456 DownloadThe Spirit of Christ$1.00
457 DownloadThe laws, Romans 9$1.00
458 DownloadThe law of Divine Retribution$1.00
459 DownloadDispensationalism vs. progressive revelation$1.00
460 DownloadMinisterial succession$1.00
461 DownloadII Timothy 3:16-17$1.00
462 DownloadWhy God gave us His Word$1.00
463 DownloadThe danger of complacency$1.00
464 DownloadThe mystery$1.00
465 DownloadWhat is holiness?$1.00
466 DownloadBody truth$1.00
467 DownloadCommunion with God$1.00
468 DownloadFaith$1.00
469 DownloadRepentance, part 1$1.00
470 DownloadRepentance, part 2$1.00
471 DownloadGodly sorrow$1.00
472 DownloadThe faith of Abraham$1.00
473 DownloadMembers one of another$1.00
474 DownloadMeditation$1.00
475 DownloadTongues$1.00
476 DownloadKinds of wisdom$1.00
477 DownloadPrayer$1.00
478 DownloadPhilippians 4:19$1.00
479 DownloadSin, II Samuel 12, part 1$1.00
480 DownloadSin, II Samuel 12, part 2$1.00
481 DownloadThe Great Commission$1.00
482 DownloadPrayer and revival, Isaiah 64$1.00
483 DownloadComing short of the glory of God in Romans 3, part 1$1.00
484 DownloadComing short of the glory of God in Romans 3, part 2$1.00
485 DownloadAbsolutes In God's Word, part 1$1.00
486 DownloadComing short of the glory of God in Romans 3, part 2$1.00
487 DownloadComing short of the glory of God in Romans 3, part 2$1.00
488 DownloadSin$1.00
489 DownloadCreation and evolution, part 1$1.00
490 DownloadCreation and evolution, part 2$1.00
491 DownloadThe marks of a Christian, part 1$1.00
492 DownloadThe marks of a Christian, part 2$1.00
493 DownloadSaving faith$1.00
494 DownloadTen reasons for believing Biblical inspiration$1.00
495 DownloadThe greatest questions ever asked$1.00
496 DownloadLosing our inheritance$1.00
497 DownloadTo the unknown god, Acts 17:22$1.00
498 DownloadRecorded thoughts of a dying man$1.00
499 Download"Wherefore remember"$1.00
500 DownloadThe calling of God to salvation or wrath$1.00
501 DownloadResponsibility$1.00
502 DownloadPaul's use of the word "heart" in Romans, Ephesians, and Colossians$1.00
503 DownloadSpiritual renewal$1.00
504 DownloadGuidelines For Living The Christian Life$1.00
505 DownloadHindrances That Cause Us To Be Ineffectual$1.00
506 DownloadHistory - Paul Pt 1$1.00
507 DownloadHistory - Paul Pt 2$1.00
508 DownloadUnique Calling And Purpose Of Paul's Minstry$1.00
509 DownloadGod's Sovereignty In Paul's Epistles$1.00
510 DownloadFounding The Church At Corinth$1.00
511 DownloadPaul - His Trials And Sufferings$1.00
512 DownloadPaul's View And Hope Of Eternity And His Martyrdom$1.00
513 DownloadHiding God's Word in our hearts$1.00
513 DownloadThink On These Things$1.00
514 DownloadGod's remedy for materialism$1.00
515 DownloadPaul: A role model$1.00
516 DownloadMake your calling and election sure$1.00
517 DownloadTrue message of Christianity, part 1$1.00
518 DownloadTrue message of Christianity, part 2$1.00
519 DownloadSickness in the Body$1.00
520 DownloadPriorities$1.00
521 DownloadEternity$1.00
522 DownloadII Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 7$1.00
523 DownloadI and II Thessalonians$1.00
524 DownloadComparison of Acts 15 and Galatians 2$1.00
525 DownloadII Timothy 4:1-2$1.00
526 DownloadGodliness, Titus 1-3$1.00
527 DownloadMessage on Romans$1.00
528 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 1$1.00
529 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 2$1.00
530 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 3$1.00
531 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 4$1.00
532 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 5$1.00
533 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 6$1.00
534 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 7$1.00
535 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 8$1.00
536 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 9$1.00
537 DownloadDivine Revelation, Part 10$1.00
561 Download$1.00
562 Download$1.00
563 Download$1.00
564 Download$1.00
565 Download$1.00
566 Download$1.00
567 Download$1.00
568 Download$1.00
569 Download$1.00
570 Download$1.00
571 Download$1.00
572 Download$1.00
573 Download$1.00
574 Download$1.00
575 Download$1.00
576 Download$1.00
577 Download$1.00
578 Download$1.00
579 Download$1.00
580 Download$1.00
581 Download$1.00
582 Download$1.00
583 Download$1.00
584 Download$1.00
585 Download$1.00
586 Download$1.00
587 Download$1.00
588 Download$1.00
589 Download$1.00
591 DownloadTwo Christian values$1.00
592 DownloadPaul before Agrippa$1.00
593 Download"Altogether such as I am," Acts 26:29$1.00
594 DownloadGod's warning against skepticism$1.00
595 DownloadThis is the day, Psalms 118:16-29$1.00
596 Download"Lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds," Hebrews 12:1-10$1.00
597 DownloadWork out your own salvation with fear and trembling$1.00
598 Download"Continuing instant in prayer," Romans 12:12 and Colossians 4:2$1.00
599 DownloadSome things I have learned in my Christian walk$1.00
600 DownloadSeven things that identify a Christian according to the Scriptures, part 1$1.00
601 DownloadSeven things that identify a Christian according to the Scriptures, part 2$1.00
602 DownloadThe Body of Christ in Ephesians$1.00
603 Download"I have fought a good fight"$1.00
604 DownloadThe problem of faith vs. works$1.00
605 Download"What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?"$1.00
745 Download$1.00
746 Download$1.00
747 Download$1.00
748 Download$1.00
750 Download$1.00
751 Download$1.00
752 Download$1.00
753 Download$1.00
754 Download$1.00
755 Download$1.00
756 Download$1.00
757 Download$1.00
758 Download$1.00
759 Download$1.00
760 Download$1.00
785 Download$1.00
786 Download$1.00
787 Download$1.00
788 Download$1.00
789 Download$1.00
790 Download$1.00
846 DownloadProgressive Revelation In The OT$1.00
848 DownloadRivers Of Living Water - 1$1.00
849 DownloadRivers Of Living Water - 2$1.00
850 DownloadRivers Of Living Water - 3$1.00
851 DownloadRivers Of Living Water - 4$1.00
852 DownloadRivers Of Living Water - 5$1.00
965 DownloadDistinctive characteristics of the Christian faith$1.00
966 DownloadMoses and Paul$1.00
967 DownloadThanksgiving$1.00
968 DownloadScriptural resolutions$1.00
969 DownloadMessage on revival$1.00
970 DownloadThe Cross$1.00
971 DownloadCommandments of God$1.00
972 DownloadAs you sow$1.00
973 DownloadPeace$1.00
974 DownloadThe truth$1.00
975 DownloadI Corinthians 15$1.00
976 DownloadThe Bible$1.00

Ephesians 2:8-9 series:
977"By grace"$1.00
978"Are ye saved"$1.00
979"Through faith"$1.00
980Faith a gift of God$1.00
981"Not of works"$1.00
982God's workmanship$1.00
983"Created in Christ Jesus"$1.00
984"Before ordained"$1.00

985 DownloadSpiritual Body of Christ$1.00
986 Download"But the Body is of Christ"$1.00
987 DownloadGospel of the grace of God$1.00
988 DownloadWhat we believe, part 1$1.00
989 DownloadWhat we believe, part 2$1.00
990 DownloadKingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven$1.00
991 DownloadKingdom of God$1.00
992 DownloadThe word "all"$1.00
993 DownloadChristian attributes$1.00
994 DownloadPrayer$1.00
1004 DownloadPrivileges And Responsibilities - 1$1.00
1005 DownloadPrivileges And Responsibilities - 2$1.00
1006 DownloadPrivileges And Responsibilities - 3$1.00
1007 DownloadPrivileges And Responsibilities - 4$1.00
1008 DownloadPrivileges And Responsibilities - 5$1.00
1009 DownloadPrivileges And Responsibilities - 6$1.00
1011 DownloadSeven things a sovereign God cannot do$1.00
1012 DownloadThe unsearchable riches of Christ$1.00
1013 DownloadThink on these things$1.00
1014 DownloadMore blessed to give$1.00
1015 DownloadDoing the work of God$1.00
1016 DownloadBe ye stedfast$1.00
1017 DownloadThe value of the Word of God$1.00
1018 DownloadReconciliation$1.00
1019 DownloadPrize of the high calling$1.00
1020 DownloadUnity of the Spirit$1.00
1021 DownloadIntelligence in prayer$1.00
1022 DownloadFulness$1.00
1023 DownloadTime and the Christian life$1.00
1024Two worlds and their two gods$1.00
1025Hungering and thirsting, part 1$1.00
1026Hungering and thirsting, part 2$1.00
1027 DownloadDifficulties in living a Christian life$1.00
1028 DownloadGod's longsuffering$1.00
1029 DownloadPaul's preaching of the Cross$1.00
1030 DownloadI Corinthians 15$1.00
1031 DownloadThe mind, part 1$1.00
1032 DownloadThe mind, part 2$1.00
1033 DownloadJudgment$1.00
1034 DownloadGod's will and man's will (*see HR-439*)$1.00
1035 DownloadJeremiah 10$1.00
1036 DownloadThings I have learned$1.00
1037 DownloadThe Body of Christ$1.00
1038 Download"Righteousness exalteth a nation"$1.00
1039 DownloadThe creative work of Christ$1.00
1040 DownloadGod's desire$1.00
1041 DownloadSeeking God early$1.00
1042 DownloadPaul's personal responsibility$1.00
1043 DownloadTrue and couterfeit gospel$1.00
1052 DownloadThe two gospels$1.00
1053 Download$1.00
1054 Download$1.00
1055 Download$1.00
1056 DownloadHoly living$1.00
1057 DownloadGod a stranger$1.00
1058 DownloadI can do all things$1.00
1059 DownloadMake your calling and election sure$1.00
1060 DownloadIf the righteous scarcely be saved$1.00
1061 DownloadHumility$1.00
1062 DownloadGrowing old$1.00

Armor of God series:
1063 DownloadThe whole armor of God$1.00
1064 DownloadThe armor: Truth$1.00
1065 DownloadThe armor: Righteousness$1.00
1066 DownloadThe armor: Faith$1.00
1067 DownloadThe armor: Helmet of salvation$1.00
1068 DownloadThe armor: Sword of the Spirit$1.00

1069 DownloadI Corinthians 10$1.00
1070 DownloadSons of God$1.00
1071 DownloadPosition and practice$1.00
1072 DownloadPsalm 19$1.00
1073 DownloadPsalm 53$1.00
1074 DownloadPrayer, Ephesians 6$1.00
1075 DownloadII Thessalonians 2:8-12$1.00
1076 DownloadKnowledge of God$1.00
1077 DownloadMan's Need$1.00
1078 DownloadToday's Need$1.00
1079 DownloadThe Mind of Men$1.00

The following are studies in different Books of the Bible:
Download416 - Psalm 144
Job$1.00 each
606-618The Four Gospels$1.00 each
538-590The Book of Acts$1.00 each
619-638Romans$1.00 each
I Corinthians$1.00 each
II Corinthians$1.00 each
Galatians$1.00 each
Ephesians$1.00 each
Philippians$1.00 each
Colossians$1.00 each
745-760I and II Thessalonians$1.00 each
761-772I Timothy$1.00 each
773-784II Timothy$1.00 each
785-792Titus$1.00 each
793-805Hebrews$1.00 each
806-816I and II Peter$1.00 each
817-821James$1.00 each
822-835Revelation$1.00 each

The following series are studies on a variety of subjects:
Defense of the KJV$1.00 each
Differences and similarities in the revelation of God in John's and Paul's gospel$1.00 each
485-487Absolutes in the Word of God [downloadable above]$1.00 each
504-512The life of the Apostle Paul [downloadable above]$1.00 each
528-537Divine Revelation [downloadable above]$1.00 each
836-847Progressive revelation in the Old Testament$1.00 each
848-852Rivers of living water [downloadable above]$1.00 each
858-862Study on prayer$1.00 each
Download863 Pt 1
Download863 Pt 2
Download864 Pt 1
Download864 Pt 2
Download865 Pt 1
Download865 Pt 2
Download866 Pt 1
Download866 Pt 2
Why Christians don't have prayer answered$1.00 each
867-874The Holy Spirit$1.00 each
875-881Walking with God$1.00 each
882-894Doctrines of grace$1.00 each
895-901Attributes of God$1.00 each
902-921The life of Christ$1.00 each
922-941Studies in Christian worship$1.00 each
942-945Redemption$1.00 each
946-951Church history$1.00 each
952-953Names of God$1.00 each
954-959Body of truth$1.00 each
960-964The Word of God in metaphor$1.00 each
The seven "ones" in Ephesians 4:1-7$1.00 each
1004-1009Privileges and responsibilities [downloadable above]$1.00 each
The Holy Spirit$1.00 each
1053-1055Predestination and reprobation$1.00 each
HR 0000
Doctrine of Grace$1.00 each
Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4
Download 5
Download 6
Download 7
Download 8
Download 9
Download 10
Download 11
Download 12
Download 13
Download 14
Download 15
Download 16
Download 17
Download 18
Download 19
Download 20
Download 21
Download 22
Download 23
Download 24
Download 25
Download 26
Download 27
Download 28
Download 29
Download 30
Download 31
Download 32
Hebrews Series 1 - 32$1.00 each
Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4
Download 5
Download 6
Download 7
Download 8
Download 9
Download 10
Download 11
Download 12
Download 13
Download 14
Download 15
Download 16
Download 17
Download 18
Download 19
Download 20
Download 21
Download 22
Download 23
Download 24
Download 25
Download 26
Download 27
Download 28
Download 29
Download 30
Download 31
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Download 33
Download 34
Download 35
Download 36
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Download 38
Download 39
Download 40
Download 41
Download 42
Download 43
Download 44
Download 45
Download 46
Download 47
Download 48
Download 49
Download 50
Download 51
Download 52
Download 53
Romans Series 1 - 53$1.00 each
Download 1
Download 2
Download 3
Download 4
Download 5
Download 6
Download 7
Download 8
Download 9
Download 10
Download 11
Download 12
Download 13
Download 14
Revelation Series 1 - 14$1.00 each
Download 1 & 2
Download 3
Download 4
Download 5
Download 6
Download 7
Download 8
The Heart of Man 1 - 8$1.00 each